Benefits of Chatbot on a Website

TAJANAS Chatbots Specialty

  • Improving user experience

  • Providing relevant information

  • Reducing user's information researching time

  • 24 x 7 customer service

  • Generate more attention for the Website

  • Proactively offering guidance

  • Conversation modeling, answer generating and user experience based on scientific researches

  • Fully personalized Chatbot in a few days

  • Participation in Chatbot building in the amount of time  of your choice

Offer Includes

  • Personalized Chatbot for Website customer support

  • Minutely documentation

  • Implementation of Chatbot on customer's Website by

    • user installation instructions​,

    • live instructions - via Skype, chat or remote desktop or

    • giving us the role of the Website editor

  • Correction of a Chatbot conversation after one-month usage​ if needed

  • Live tracking and reporting of your chatbot's development timeline on Toggl


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Rules of conversation

Brains in TAJANAS Chatbots use rules for conversion. Brains are looking for the most similar statement to client’s question in those roles and give related answers to that statement.